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Your book as a hook: 
a first workshop for children's authors

Creating resources for teachers is a skilled job, so who do you turn to ? Teachers, of course!

Show teachers and school leaders that you understand their needs, raise your credibility, and turn your book into a gateway to learning.

Teacher and Pupils

Do you want to produce resources that will increase your visibility, credibility and the viability of your book in the classroom?

Do you know how to create resources that inspire teachers and save them time and energy?


Do you know which resources teachers will actually use?


The most important resource in the classroom is the teacher. Understanding how teachers use books, how they plan and what they really need is key to creating high quality, appropriate and relevant resources that will increase your credibility in schools and facilitate learning.


I’m joined by teacher and curriculum designer, Jac McGill, who will help you to see your book’s potential in the classroom, way beyond the English curriculum.


This workshop is designed to show you how one book can prompt an explosion of possibilities in the classroom and how your book can support teachers while maintaining a respectful appreciation of their expertise. Jac will provide examples of how this can be done from her own experience, backed up by the science of storytelling and with wellbeing at its heart, and we will brainstorm together so that you make a start on your own topic plan to show how your book can arouse curiosity and create opportunities for children to learn.


This session will be recorded, but please protect the time to attend in person if you can, and take advantage of the opportunity to create your plan in real time and ask questions.


There is also an accompanying workbook that will be sent to you in advance, so that you don’t need to take notes and can concentrate on being creative.

Show teachers and school leaders that you understand their needs and turn your book into a gateway to learning.

Our Clients

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