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Online course: 
Taking Your Book To School


Doors are closed for autumn 2023.

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"You'll arrive at your first school visit, like I did, prepped and prepared, and relaxed and able to be yourself – and give of your best – instead of being terrified about what to do and say. I am so glad to have Isobel in my corner."

Brian Frederick, Author

So, you’ve written a children's book and now you’re wondering how to get it from your shelf to the classroom and into the hands of children …

Schools are the gatekeepers of your target market: children and their parents and carers. If you are an author or illustrator of books for children, teachers and school visits should be on your radar.

In this live course, I share my insights from my experience as a school librarian and governors’ clerk, into how teachers use children's books in the classroom, what they are looking for in school visits and how to prepare for them.

Who do I talk to, to get my book into school? 

Will I get paid for my school visit?

How can I talk to 400 children?

This course aims to answer these questions (and more) and prepare you for author visits to UK schools.

"Isobel was professional, and very generous with her time and energy. She ensured that everyone on the course was able to make the most of it, no matter how far along they were on their 'author journey'."

Matthew Wainwright, Author


I’m Isobel Kent, an editor and proofreader of books for children and I teach children’s authors how to get their books into UK schools. As a former school librarian and governors’ clerk, I know what teachers want and need in the classroom, where they look and how to unlock the budget for books and school visits.


When I was a school librarian, I rarely acted on the cold emails sent to me by children’s authors, because they weren’t what I was looking for. In this course, we examine where teachers and school librarians look for children’s authors for school visits and how they use books to support the curriculum, so that you can engage with schools in whatever way suits you.

"Getting an insight into what schools and teachers need, how to find this information for each school and how to address their needs was eye-opening."

Josie Dom, Author

"A massively unexpected benefit is the kick start it gives in confidence to feel that I can do this."

Natalia Maddison, Author

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