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I think for any author it is difficult to let someone read their work. For me, before I found Isobel, it was always a daunting prospect. But she is such an engaged reader, so enthusiastic about conjuring up suggestions and such a champion of the moments she loves in a book, that it is nothing short of inspiring to work with her. Under her gentle guidance, the raw edges of characters are smoothed and shaped; she finds buried motifs and encourages you to bring them to the fore. A simple suggestion to end a chapter a sentence earlier or introduce an idea a paragraph later has the effect of transforming a text. Isobel is generous with her reassurance and her kindness, firm with suggestions when firmness is needed, and offers a ready supply of thought-provoking insights. I will be forever grateful for both her sensitivity and her ability to make you feel as if you’ve brought a little magic into the world, and I look forward to working with her – for the writer/editor relationship is very much a partnership – for many years to come.


The course [Taking Your Book To School] was immensely helpful in filling in the blanks around what constitutes a good relationship between schools and authors. It made me feel much more confident in approaching schools, knowing that I had something of value to add to them. Isobel was professional, and very generous with her time and energy. She ensured that everyone on the course was able to make the most of it, no matter how far along they were on their 'author journey'. I would highly recommend this course for any author considering taking their book into schools! 


I first started working with Isobel two years ago. I had very little confidence being a dyslexic writer!

Isobel immediately put my worries and concerns at ease and was so warm and friendly to work with from the start.

She went above and beyond, especially when my business was getting off the ground, and i genuinely look forward to our meetings and our future endeavours moving forward into 2023.

As a result of having Isobel in my corner, my business has grown from strength to strength as has my confidence in being an established children's author.

I cannot recommend her services enough. Thank you Isobel – can't wait for 2023 and our future projects.


I worked with Isobel on a children’s book I have been writing.  She really got to grips with what I was trying to create.  She was very intuitive and just seemed to ‘get me’.  Her suggestions were incredibly insightful and I believe the book is so much better for her input.  It’s with agents now so watch this space!


I have had the great pleasure of working with Isobel for a year now and cannot speak more highly of her. I am benefitting hugely from having her expert guidance and support. Her passion for children’s books and the way she champions young fiction in particular is very inspiring. She has a very positive, constructive approach to editing, suggesting changes, edits and ideas that, not only enhance your work but reflect your personal approach and perspective. I had a very bad experience with a (well-known) literary consultancy, who punctured my enthusiasm and self-belief. Isobel has restored both. I look forward to working with her for many years to come.

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